For Their Education

For children’s education in Setio Lero, BarangayTabunan, Cebu City. SwissHumanity desires to build a school for over 20 children & more in the future.

All these children walk around 3 hours a day to attend school with their parents to support them into this journey. Building this school in the mountain area of Cebu City will benefit them to walk less then 10-15 mins and have a new place to study with great conditions.

Solar panels is also a part of this project as we always try to go with the environment and we will also hire 1-2 teachers for this SwissHumanity school that we look forward to build with your meaningful donations

Small playground will also be part of this cause.

Deeply grateful for all people who donate & support our cause towards children’s education. #SwissHumanity

This is special to SwissHumanity

I’ve always wanted to build schools in the mountain areas in the Philippines as I am aware many children can’t afford to go to school or have to walk hours before to attend it.

With our projects through We Make It SwissHumanity will be able to create more and more schools for their education and a brigther future.

For all donators

All the money we receive on We Make It will be towards our project (School) & of course to pay the license teacher’s for the first year to educate the children.