Our Goal

We would like to produce a high qualified Fine Art Photobook named «Ganges and Nirvana» about the Kumbh Mela in India presenting a splendid view of India’s spiritual side in a limited edition of 300. We will create a fantastic hardcover book 17x25 cm with approximate 100 sides. With your help we can finance the printing costs and edit the book this year.

Of course many great rewards are waiting for you!


The series «Ganges and Nirvana» is a vibrant photo documentary about faith and it’s immense impact on people! The series visually invites the visitor to immerse in the «holy mother» Ganges itself together with the Hindu believers. It represents a splendid view of India’s spiritual side, which has fascinated western society since all times. The series spells sheer magic of faith and shows what is beyond words.

For this accomplishment the two photographers Victoria Knobloch (Germany) and Jagdev Singh (India) went together to Allahabad for one week in February 2013. There at the meeting point of the three holy rivers: the Ganges, the Yamuna and the Sarswati which is called «Sangam», the Maha Kumbh Mela takes place every 12 years. The rivers enjoy the status of living Goddesses in Hindu mythology and according to Hindu belief, bathing in them influences your Karma. The power of faith, the bathings, the devotional prayers, singing and the dedication to the Ganges with heart and soul are unique in the world. This photo documentary is a scintillating visualization of faith and the two artists are taking the viewer on a visual journey that will immerse his soul into the actual happening of this spectacular event itself.

That’s us

We are two photographers: Victoria Knobloch (Germany) and Jagdev Singh (India). We met in New Delhi in 2011. Immediately we felt a deep professional connection and realised that we had a related approach to photography. Therefore we decided to work together and in February 2013 we went to Allahabad and made the series «Ganges and Nirvana».

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