Gea – Women run distillery

by i-platform


Gea is a healing concept made by nature, reshaped by hand. We are a women team based in Mostar, creating products based on local ingredients for skin and soul care.

CHF 7’664

109% of CHF 7’000

109 %
This is how it worksä

The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

97 backers

Successfully concluded on 28/12/2020


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  • Congratulations!!!

    You made it! <3

    NikolaNS on 28/12/2020 14:22

  • Good luck girls!

    NikolaNS on 25/12/2020 20:41

  • Idemo!

    Anja Jerkovic on 25/12/2020 10:58

  • Sretno!

    Nadja Zub on 23/12/2020 14:05

  • Podrška od rodbine i familije..

    Dena on 23/12/2020 13:50

  • Good luck, girls! Having more young people/women eager like you is the only thing that can at least partially save this country. <3

    Klupko on 21/12/2020 14:16

  • Sjajne ste! Puno uspjeha želim!

    Maja on 12/12/2020 21:38

  • Dein Projekt gefällt uns – und gehört daher momentan zur Kategorie «Unsere Lieblinge»! Für die nächsten Tage erscheint es auf der Startseite und in der Kategorie «Empfohlene».
    Ein guter Grund ein bisschen stolz zu sein und es allen zu erzählen: Verfasse eine News, einen Post oder Tweet!

    Woody wemakeit on 11/12/2020 07:20

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