What is the project about

First of all – it is a photography and book project.

The so called Generation Y is said to be confident and tolerant but also narcissistic. Is that so? As being part of this generation myself I am curious about what my peers dream of, what their ambitions and fears are. I want to find out what their expectations on life are.

I am going to meet various people born between the late 1970s and mid 1990s and photograph them, as well as have a little chat with them. If you are part of generation Y and would like to be part of my book I will be more than happy to meet you! Just give me a shout.

This is my Final Major Project for my Bachelor Degree.

What I need your support for

As a book designer, perfectionist and artist dedicated to beautiful material I would like my FMP «generation Y» to be professionally printed and crated with durable and eye appealing materials. As I am doing the graphic design, layout and photographing myself, your contribution will be used for the book printing only.