I hope to share my 2-year passion project with you: my handmade ink & watercolor map of Geneva in the form of a poster, agenda, pocketbook, & postcard! And support IHEID's covid fund in the process!

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 1/10/2021

Your Rewards Have Shipped!By Jarrod Suda, on 02/12/2021

Dear wonderful supporters,

I hope you have been preparing for ski season as well as enjoying the Christmas markets starting up!

I really appreciate your patience in this process. The products were manufactured very quickly by Héliographie Girard, but the delivery of shipping tubes took longer than expected.

They arrived at last, and I have finally shipped every item in the mail on Monday, November 29th! Please feel free to notify me when they arrive.

I really hope you enjoy the rewards, and if there are any hesitations, then please let me know — and keep in touch on Instagram at @jarrod.zen. It’s an easy place for me to stay in touch :)

Manufacturing BeginsBy Jarrod Suda, on 07/10/2021

Dear supporters,

We made it! I have sent my designs to my printer, who has just finished creating the prototypes. I will check them out this Friday and once they look nice and sharp, I will manufacture them all and ship them out to you as soon as possible (For those of you in the United States, this will be in early December).

Thank you again for supporting me and sharing my artwork with others. Exceeding my funding goal gave me a great sense of accomplishment, but the true fulfillment came from the feeling of support from my friends, family, and community.

Do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns!

Sincerely, Jarrod

Chers supporters,

Nous l’avons fait! J’ai envoyé mes dessins à mon imprimeur, qui vient de terminer la création des prototypes. Je vais les vérifier ce vendredi et une fois qu’ils seront beaux et nets, je les fabriquerai tous et vous les expédierai dès que possible (pour ceux d’entre vous aux États-Unis, ce sera début décembre).

Merci encore de me soutenir et de partager mes œuvres avec les autres. Dépasser mon objectif de financement m’a donné un grand sentiment d’accomplissement, mais le véritable accomplissement est venu du sentiment de soutien de mes amis, de ma famille et de la communauté.

N’hésitez pas à nous contacter si vous avez des questions ou des préoccupations!

Sincèrement, Jarrod

Your Watercolor Map is Complete!By Jarrod Suda, on 09/09/2021

Milestone Crossed!

The final brushstrokes have flourished your future Geographic Geneva maps!

The final piece now sits in Galerie 123 (at Rue des Eaux-Vives 4, 1207 Genève) where Mr. Frischer’s colleagues have digitized the map. You should give their store a visit and check out their collection of vintage posters.

What’s Next

Next up is to manufacture your rewards at the local family printer that I have partnered with, Héliographie Girard. I have finished designing the contents of the Geographic Geneva pocketbook and ’22 agenda. As the process of painting and designing comes to a close, the next process is speeding up: sharing my work with you.

I can’t wait to deliver everything to you all. And hopefully in-person to those of you who live in Switzerland!

The Stretch Goal of 5,000 CHF

Please share my campaign with your friends and family on Facebook! With your help, we can cross the finish line from 95% funded to 100% funded. And even more exciting, I have a stretch goal of 5,000 CHF. If we hit 5,000, I will donate 40% of all profits past the 3,000 CHF mark to the Graduate Institute’s covid-19 solidarity fund.

With gratitude,


Franchi le pas !

Les derniers coups de pinceaux ont fleuri vos futures cartes géographiques Genève !

L’œuvre finale se trouve maintenant dans la Galerie 123 (rue des Eaux-Vives 4, 1207 Genève) où les collègues de M. Frischer ont réalisé une copie numérique de la carte. Vous devriez visiter leur magasin et découvrir leur collection d’affiches anciennes.

Et après

La prochaine étape consiste à fabriquer vos récompenses chez l’imprimeur familial local avec lequel j’ai établi un partenariat, Héliographie Girard. J’ai fini de concevoir le contenu du livre de poche Geographic Geneva et de l’agenda ’22. Alors que le processus de peinture et de conception touche à sa fin, le processus suivant s’accélère : partager mon travail avec vous.

J’ai hâte de tout vous envoyer. Et, espérons-le, en personne à ceux d’entre vous qui vivent en Suisse !

Le Stretch Goal de 5000 CHF

Veuillez partager ma campagne avec vos amis et votre famille sur Facebook! Avec votre aide, nous pouvons franchir la ligne d’arrivée de 95% financés à 100% financés. Et encore plus excitant, j’ai un ’stretch goal’ de 5000 CHF. Si nous atteignons les 5000, je reverserai 40% de tous les bénéfices au-delà de la barre des 3000 CHF au fonds de solidarité covid-19 de l’Institut universitaire.

Avec gratitude,


wemakeit Front Page Featured!!By Jarrod Suda, on 31/08/2021

Dear incredible supporters,

The campaign got featured on the «wefancy» section of wemakeit.com!

I feel so honored that the organizers of wemakeit have expressed their support for my project and the artwork I am sharing. Thank YOU so much for backing my campaign. It is because of you that it has gained such visibility.

In addition to this milestone, the campaign has reached nearly 60% of its funding goal. I will continue to share updates on the artwork with you and spread the word about it so that this campaign can reach its goal and I can send the artwork your way!

I cannot express my appreciation for your support enough, Jarrod