I hope to share my 2-year passion project with you: my handmade ink & watercolor map of Geneva in the form of a poster, agenda, pocketbook, & postcard! And support IHEID's covid fund in the process!

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114 %
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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 1/10/2021

The Inspiration for Geographic Geneva

I have made it a life goal to hand draw and paint a map of every city that I have called home.

So get ready for my second crowdfunding project: Geographic Geneva! My name is Jarrod Suda and during my two years as a student at the Graduate Institute, I have been designing my hand-drawn ink and watercolor map of beautiful Geneva.

I now hope to share my passion project with you – friends, family, and IHEID & Geneva community – in the form of a printed poster, agenda, pocket notebook, and postcard!

I have partnered with Héliographie Girard, a family-owned print business local to Geneva in operation since 1959!

  • Beginning the Watercolor!
    Beginning the Watercolor!
  • With Galerie 123
    With Galerie 123

Why Crowdfunding?

I am using the Swiss crowdfunding platform wemakeit.com because I want to share this two-year passion project directly with you - my friends, family, and the IHEID community. This is a personal project so your support will allow me to do this work without the risk of investing in upfront costs.

In addition to financing the printing, shipping, and video production expenses, a successful campaign would allow me to remain in Geneva until the end of 2021 to work on my social business start-up with my classmates and co-founders – Olivier Flamand-Lapointe and Risa Nishida! We intend to move to Kyoto, Japan to renovate akiyas (or abandoned houses, in Japanese) and regenerate the lands by establishing and running bio-intensive market gardens. We will implement crowdfunding to help start our social business, so the Geographic Geneva campaign will also prepare me with real-life experience.

Support a student venture, give a gift to your graduates on September 17th, and supply up for the academic year!

  • Hand-Made, Student-Made
    Hand-Made, Student-Made
  • The Old City of Geneva
    The Old City of Geneva
  • Watercolor for Lac Léman
    Watercolor for Lac Léman
  • My first successful crowdfunding project: the Miyako Map of Kyoto City, Japan
    My first successful crowdfunding project: the Miyako Map of Kyoto City, Japan

Hand-Made, Student-Made

The 3,000 CHF funding goal is all or nothing. If we make it, we will move on to my stretch goal of 5,000 CHF. I will donate 40% of the stretch goal profits (40% of ~2,000 CHF) to the Graduate Institute’s covid-19 solidarity fund, which financially supports students who have been exceptionally impacted by the covid-19 pandemic. Much of this map was created during the pandemic and the process of designing it gave me solace during the lockdowns. I hope to show solidarity for my colleagues through this campaign.

The highest tier reward of my campaign is a poster stamped with my personal Japanese red ink seal. But if you are a student, faculty, or administrator of the Graduate Institute, then I will stamp your poster for free! Just make sure to select a regular poster and register with your Graduate Institute email address.

For those supporters outside of Switzerland, not to worry! Wemakeit.com will accept your credit card and will simply convert your currency into Swiss francs.

Thank you so much for supporting a student venture, and especially local partnerships in Geneva! This project has been two years in the making and it gives me great pride to finally share it with you.

  • Detailing the rails of Cornavin Station
    Detailing the rails of Cornavin Station
  • ’la Ville de Genève’
    ’la Ville de Genève’
  • My Japanese Seal: 諏田善次郎
    My Japanese Seal: 諏田善次郎
  • Héliographie Girard
    Héliographie Girard