A roof for the Projektraum M54

The project space M54 is an essential part of Basel’s cultural scene: In the M54 the whole spectrum of contemporary art is presented. New art trends that are not shown elsewhere can be discovered. The project space M54 is one of the few independent art spaces in northwestern Switzerland that is available (and affordable) to all artists and projects: A cultural center managed by artists. The non-profit oriented space is offered to a wide variety of cultural projects and exhibitions at moderate prices. After several water leaks and roof damages, the historic industry building urgently needs to be renovated so that exhibitions can continue. The plans are on the drawing board, only the money is missing.

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gimme shelter

«gimme shelter» is not only the motto of our crowdfunding campaign (inspired by one of the best songs of the Rolling Stones), but also the title of a series of charity events that will take place between August 23rd and September 20th 2019 at the Projektraum M54 in Basel. Artists of all disciplines are engaged to preserve the art space M54. The events – concerts, performances, workshops, cooking events and a large sales exhibition with over 100 positions – make visible the diversity of culture taking place in M54 and show what is lost if the space has to be closed. All those involved have abstained from their gainings and fees in benefit of the renovation. Come by and tell your friends about us! To the program: https://www.visarte-basel.ch


Financing and support

The renovation of the project room M54 is a large task that we cannot handle alone. For a large part of the construction budget we have received support from the government and foundations. However, a total amount of 15,000 Swiss francs is still missing for the renovation of the roof. For this we need your help! In return, we offer a lot of great art: For more than 40 years, Visarte Region Basel has been publishing a limited annual edition every year, mostly a print, but sometimes an object as well. We have gone to the archives and release the treasures. With works by Beat Brüderlin, Christina Frei, René Myrha, Hans Remond, Karin Schaub, Marcel Stüssi and many more.

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