Designers in Switzerland and Syrian artisans are working together with a purpose to preserve and empower. Take action to help sustain the livelihood of Syrian artisans and save centuries of know-how.

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 7/11/2019

TOTE BAG UPDATEBy Zouher Adwan, on 18/02/2020

I want to start with a sincere apology for not keeping you updated. I was working hard setting up WeTheSouk and figuring out the logistics, which appeared to be far more complicated than I expected. In addition, I was occupied with my mother’s health situation. She had a major surgery in Germany and now she is back in Damascus recovering. I promise to keep you frequently up to date with the progress. I will reach out to each and every backer individually shortly with an update about their rewards.

Now here is happening with our tote bags reward Two months ago, I contacted Zena, the textile designer who is producing the tote bags and cushion covers, to tell her the great news, she was over the moon. She told me that she hadn’t sold a single item of her work for the past three months. Her workshop and the ladies working with her are struggling. The crises in Beirut, Lebanon, where Zena’s workshop is located, was way worse than I expected. Your orders came in the nick of time for these talented women. Since then, Zena started sending me pattern designs and die cuts for the bags. After a long prosses, we agreed on the size, shape and three different designs for the bags. I will send you the designs via email to choose from.

Zena along with six amazing women, are in the final steps of producing your tote bags. Every bag is individually hand made with much passion and talent. Zena was thrilled to tell me that she managed to get her hands on canvas made from Syrian cotton, which is very scarce these days. The production goes through four steps, all handmade from start to finish. They start by pre-washing the raw fabric with hot water to prevent shrinkage. Then they tailor-make each bag individually. Once the bag takes its final shape, the ladies design the bags individually with patterns printed by wooden blocks. Some of these blocks are over 1oo years old. The final step is ironing the bags to be ready to be shipped to your doorstep. Each bag will hold a handwritten thank you tag with the names of the women who made it. The names of these women are equally valuable as their work.

Thanks to all of you, Zena and her workshop can create and support their families.


187 THANKS!By Zouher Adwan, on 16/11/2019

Thanks to those who chose a reward. Thanks to those who chose to donate without a reward. Thanks to those who left their names. And thanks to those unknown angels who chose to remain anonymous. Thanks to everyone for putting your trust in me and being the momentum to make this project come to life. Thanks to your exceptional support, we reached the 113% funding of this project!

I thought I was the only one who was refreshing the page every 5 minutes to keep up with the funding status. I found out I wasn’t alone. 187 backers, along with artisans and designers, were following up with excitement. I was overwhelmed to find out how a purpose can bring people together. I was always a firm believer in the collective power of people to drive change and create a positive impact. You made my belief even stronger. Since the campaign started, I have been contacted by Syrian artisans, designers, supporters, and enthusiasts supporting me and offering to be part of this project. When the funding exceeded the target before the deadline, one of the artisans from Syrian texted me asking with disbelief: «are these figures real?»

I am thrilled to tell you that within a week from now, the workshops, thanks to you, will start producing your rewards.

I will never take this accomplishment for granted, and I hope you do the same. You have reached out to a heritage that has suffered, and that is on the verge of collapse. A wonderful lady wrote to me saying: «You have begun something of the greatest value to our exquisite but vulnerable heritage.» Thanks to you, we can now begin the journey to GIVE OUR PAST A FUTURE.



Only 13 days to goBy Zouher Adwan, on 24/10/2019

99 amazing backers and 13 short days to go. A shout out for the wonderful 99 people who are backing up WeTheSouk. Your support means the world. We’ve come a long way together, but we are not there yet. So please share this campaign with your friends and encourage them to act like you did. Please remember that this is a ALL-OR-NOTHING based crowdfunding. If we don’t reach our goal, we don’t receive any of your funds. I am all hope we can make it to the other side

THANK YOU for taking action.


How Time FliesBy Zouher Adwan, on 16/10/2019

Dear friends of WeTheSouk,

I want to thank each and everyone for bringing this project closer to reality. You can only imagine how nervous I was when I launched this crowdfunding campaign. Now that we crossed halfway through, I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am for having such fantastic support. So far 73 heroes jumped to fund this project and made our mission their own. The artisans I am working with in Syria are following up with us with so much hope and excitement.

From them and me, THANK YOU for your support.