Sea Rocks. A wall to cover – Part 2

In 2013, I created a campaign named Sea Rocks. A wall to cover! on wemakeit for the creation of a wall installation made from flameworked glass elements.

The campaign ended successfully and I was able to start work. I used the funds to buy the equipment upgrade I needed to work on a larger scale.

In the months that followed the completion of the crowdfunding campaign, I was able to develop the process and produce the first pieces that are to be incorporated into the wall. You can see in the following pictures the largest pieces I was able to produce after many days of working on the process.

There were however unexpected hurdles, mostly due to the failure of some of my old equipment and part of the funds that were intended for the production was used instead for repairs.

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Why you should back this project

This is why I need to raise a little more, to cover the cost of the supplies I need for the actual production, silver leaf and glass. I hope the rewards I am offering will tempt you, Check the pictures below to discover some of them !

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