This is what it's all about. Gluten-, lactosefree sales of desserts an Gluten-,lactosefree backing Workshops

Why I sales my own house made Gluten-, Gluten-, lactoseefree desserts, Cupcakes and also aperitives and I also give Gluten-. Gluten-, lactosefree backing workshops, I Need alot of productus and a room to make the workshops for all the people are coming to the workshops.

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My project is special because ...

Becauce me too I am celiac and I know what I talk about I look that the product I use are all Fresh and gluten-, gluten-lactosefree, I am interested and I look that all customer by buying my desserts and coming to the Workshops that they tell me about all the other allergies they have so I can look for that.

This is what I need backing for.

I Need alot of products professional backing staff for all people are coming on my workshopsm and I also Need a room, Special fridge and oven. This is why I ask for that.

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