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Loveboy and His Imaginary Friends on Vinyl

Loveboy and His Imaginary Friends are a partly digital partly analogue music group. Together Loveboy the human and his imaginitive bandmates fight for more love in todays world – because we need much more.

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Good Bye!

The debut album «Good Bye!» tells the story of Loveboy travelling through his own fantasy to find selflove – in the end he finds way more then just that. This makes it not only a conceptual piece of music but a piece of love, made with love. To find a new ’You’ you need to say ’Good Bye!’ to an old ’You’.

Vinyl Production

To honor the message, the music and the people who worked on this piece we want to produce some vinyls. Unfortunately we’re missing the initial capital to finance the production. By pre-selling the vinyls and other things we hope to collect enough money to actually have them made.

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