With the first permaculture project in southern Morocco, we are counteracting desertification and teaching local people how to be self-sufficient in the long term.

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Permaculture forest garden as a livelihood for desert dwellers

Deserts were not always desolate. Every year 12 million hectares of fertile soil are turned into desert land. The more it spreads, the more sources dry up. Trees are dying. People are forced to leave their homes. We don’t want to stand by and watch this any longer. We want to show solutions.

In a small village in Tagounite, Zagora, we are cultivating a forest garden on a 1.5 hectare land - according to the principles of permaculture. Permaculture means long-lasting or PERMAnent agriCULTURE. Diversity in the garden creates closed cycles / ecosystems that provide many generations with healthy food. We heal the earth so that it can heal us again. The forest garden paradise does pioneering work and serves as a demonstration for the locals. They learn the basics of permaculture on site and are accompanied and supported in their projects by permaculture designers. Seedlings that emerge from the project are passed on to the local gardeners. A diverse forest oasis is created in the middle of the desert.

Together with your support.

Our mission

Climate: By planting many trees, CO2 is stored in the soil. Valuable water is bound in the permaculture systems and helps to increase the groundwater level in the long term. Desertification is slowed down.

Livelihood: When cultivating the area, we focus on plants that are mainly consumed as food. This is how people become self-sufficient again. Expensive fruit and vegetables from conventional agriculture no longer have to be bought. The money can be invested in the children’s education.

Culture: We bring together local nomads with global travelers. To support the project we work with Workaway. Thus, travelers from all over the world have the opportunity to get to know and apply a functioning permaculture forest garden system. On the property we live with a Berber family. The original nomadic women share their knowledge and skills with the travelers. Two worlds unite.

Your support

Funding target CHF 25,000 We buy the land where we build the first permaculture school in southern Morocco. A van serves us to procure materials independently and to pick up local people without transport options.

Impact Fund: 25,000 CHF boost If we reach our funding goal of 25,000 francs to 200 supporters, we will receive an additional 25,000 francs from the Impact Fund. Wow. This means that we can start construction work directly on the property. In addition to a small kitchen and toilets, we are building a classroom where we can teach the basics of permaculture to local people. The property also has its own water vein and we are drilling a deep hole to enable us to have an independent water supply with our own spring. We dig so-called swales and the first plant families are brought into the system.

If we are one of the lucky ones who overshoot the financing goal, we will invest in a solar system and a large tank that can hold 10 tons. And of course we invest diligently in plants plants plants 🌱🌴🌺.

With your support we can achieve so much. Thank you for believing in us.