Greenland and secret beauty

by Elbhar


The primary objective being an exhibition.

Being able to rent a boat to show the icebergs in detail. In order to raise awareness, those who will see the finalized project.

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Concluded on 28/4/2024

What is it about ?

What is it about ?

Last summer, I spent 15 days in South Greenland. As a director, I took photos there, 3 clips (visible on Facebook. I am also a worker, in a cutting tool factory, in the Jura. That’s how I started to edit this project).

So I said, this trip made me aware of global warming. In the comfort of our modern cities, we hear about the melting of the ice. For many, it remains an abstraction.

Greenland’s ice is melting. It’s melting at an exponential rate! At first, I didn’t pay attention to it. But, I had to notice this phenomenon. Approximately every half hour, the ice cap disappears. She collapses into the sea with a crash. When she doesn’t collapse. It turns into a river. In the end, a new sandy and arid geography appears.

Greenland was formed over several million years. (The landscapes are magnificent). And there, in a decade, it metamorphosed (in the bad sense of the word). Faced with this situation, I continue this photo report, started in July 2023, subsequently resulting in a documentary.

The primary objective being an exhibition.

Being able to show the icebergs in detail. In order to raise awareness, those who will see the finalized project. Speaking of the geography of North, Central and South Greenland. Why are there blue or white icebergs? Why do they have the shape of roots, lace, quartz?

However, there are difficulties.

Indeed, it is difficult to get to the fields of icebergs, at dizzying heights. They can turn over, break, crush you, causing a mini tsunami. To approach them (as well as the ice cap) I need to be able to rent a boat, with a pilot.

The project is located in the Ilulissat region near Disko Bay this summer. Subsequently, it is possible to go further north, or to go there in winter. But it will depend on the budget. In any case, departure is scheduled for July 14, return July 28, 2024.

My project is special because ...

He makes the elements beautiful, he seeks beauty in the ephemeral. Photograph what is unique, to raise awareness of global warming.

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    Quotidien Jurassien
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    Quotidien Jurassien

This is what I need backing for.

Rent a boat to explore the Ilulissat region:

Ilulissat is a coastal town located in western Greenland. It is known for its ice fjord and for the enormous icebergs of Disko Bay, which break off from the Sermeq Kujalleq glacier. Trails lead to the community of Sermermiut, offering spectacular views of the expanse of ice. (Source G.M.)

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