A few words about Grill The Hill

  • Rock music and so much more. Other musical styles are also put forward, depending on who grabs our attention.
  • We support our local scene and we also invite a few artists from further away to introduce their music here.
  • Free* entrance price, so that everyone can enjoy the alternative music we are offering. (* Free as in free speech, not free beer)
  • A 100% volunteer organisation (committee and staff) !
  • Good mood / A good vibe, each year, whether on staff or in the audience, everyone is happy to share beer and burgers, while listening to concerts.
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In 2014

This year, the festival will happen on 2 days again, from Friday August 8th to Saturday August 9th. The bands come from Switzerland, France and even Belgium this time.


  • Petrol Patrol (Lausanne)
  • The Wild Guys (Lausanne)
  • Remote (Paris, FR)
  • Welington Irish Black Warrior (Neuchâtel)


  • Disagony (Genève)
  • Metzger & Bauer (bienne)
  • Jack And The Bearded Fishermen (Besançon, FR)
  • Castles (Charleroi, BE)
  • The Rodeo Idiot Engine (Pays-Basque, FR)
  • The Labrats Bugband (Lausanne)

If you know nothing (like John Snow), it’s normal: we want you to discover bands.

We’ll have a bigger tent in order to be sheltered from rain and/or sun while moshing. We’ll have more food booths than last year so you’ll have more choice and more vegan stuff to eat (don’t worry, you’ll still find some meatlover burgers though). This year, we’ll also have more Punk IPA beer in stock ’cause we noticed that you actually liked the drink as much as its name. We worked hard to improve the festival’s set-up too so to make the event even more friendly for our fifth edition.

Why should you support us?

Despite last edition’s luck with the weather and thus despite a large number of people that were there, we ended up in the red again last year. That’s why we still need you and your generosity. Our goal is not make a profit, it never was the purpose. We just want to cover our costs while offering you a better welcome (hence the bigger stage tent) and a nicer place to be.

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