• Rock music and so much more. Other musical styles are also put forward, according to who grabs our attention. 
  • Local bands, are our main artists, in order to promote the talented musicians which work in our area. We also invite a few artists from further away to introduce their music here.
  • Free* entrance price, so that everyone can enjoy the alternative music we are offering. (* Free as in free speech, not free beer)
  • A 100% volunteer organisation (committee and staff) !
  • Good mood / A good vibe, each year, whether on staff or in the public, everyone is happy to share beer and burgers, while listening to concerts.

IN 2013

This year, the festival will happen on 2 days, from Friday August 9th to Saturday August 10th 2013. The concerts will start around 7 pm on the Friday and 6 pm on the Saturday with the following bands :

  • Redheads Are Vampires (Fribourg)
  • Derrick (Fribourg)
  • Algebra (Lausanne)
  • Palmer (Langenthal)
  • Redheads Are Vampires (Fribourg)
  • The Two Boys Sandwich Club (Lausanne)
  • Black Willows (Lausanne)
  • Commodore (Genève)
  • Sounds Of Fury (Lausanne)
  • Revok (Paris)
  • Syndrome WPW (Lausanne)

This year, Grill The Hill will take place at the «Pyramides de Vidy», a historical site in Lausanne, known for its summer atmosphere and its ideal location : It is near public transit, has a large parking lot, and is in close proximity with the Vidy municipal campground.


Ever since the first festival in 2009, we aim at organising this event according to our values : choose what you pay at the entrance, underground and DIY bands, in Lausanne, no advertising within the grounds of the festival, etc.

This year, although our new location is ideal on many counts, it totally lacks of infrastructure. In case of rain, we really want to keep your feet dry so shelters and tents have to be rented and let me tell you : «They’re expensive as hell !!»

In other terms, it is like taking pre-sales like you would do for any other concert/festival. More than money it’s the quarantee to see you guys partying with us.

In 2013, Grill The Hill will have the support of the city of Lausanne and different partners. You will find below the explanations as to where our money is coming from – and what it will be used for – for this 4th edition.