A book full of climate stories

Climate change is happening everywhere and it affects us all. The results are forest fires, water shortages, crop failures, migration, floods, glacier melt, and conflicts.

We follow the trail of climate change: From January to October 2022, we will cycle from Bern to Ulaanbaatar—the capital of Mongolia. With features, portraits, interviews and impressive pictures, we want to illustrate the complexity of climate change in the countries we travel through. We show the problems. And we offer space for solutions and hope: people who are getting involved, movements that encourage and inspire.

All of this we capture in a book with stories and insights that we collect on the road.

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15000 kilometers in 10 months

Come with us on the most important journey of our time: How do we manage to keep the Earth worth living on? Be it in the mines of Turkey, by the glaciers of Tajikistan or in the endless plains of Mongolia.

We are interested in the people and stories on site. What do they think? What do they do? What are their desires? What can they hope for? All of this is just a vignette, a tiny slice of something greater. But it opens our eyes, our imagination and our hearts.

There are already countless travel reports about «exotic countries». We deliver slow and constructive journalism about climate change instead. We tell stories that cast light into the dark, provide context and occasionally warm your heart. In the process, we take pictures that stay etched in your memory. And we also show you that traveling to the remotest corners of the world is fun and inspiring, even without burning gasoline.


This is why we need you

Journalism from the saddle takes time and it takes money. We have to eat, sleep, fix flat tires and broken spokes, and pay for visas—for ten months. We will be slow, but that’s our strongest asset!

With your support, you enable all the pedaling, photographing, researching, talking to people, and writing. And in the end, you’ll contribute to making it possible for us to produce, print, and send the book to you and others. Ensuring it’s on your bedside table by mid-2023—nothing would make us happier!

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