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Garments for women, consisting of hand-painted-printed kaftans and kimonos, which incorporate elements of high fashion and streetwear. I need your help to present Gon internationally and get it out.

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Concluded on 22/11/2015

My Story

GON is a fashion label created by Christina Steiner, a graduate of Raf Simons and Veronique Branquinho at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

Dressing, housing, playing and collecting are the most important terms in the label’s philosophy. The creative approach originates from impressions gained by collecting and researching. A wide variety of topics such as nature, culture or history are accumulated, which create a virtual cabinet of curiosities or wonder-room, known from the European Renaissance. Consisting of all kinds of things, from patterns and shapes to more abstract entities such as emotions and concepts, this room constantly grows and changes until various aspects evolve to an elaborated idea or concept, which are finally adapted into a fashion context.

The Product

After more than three years of market research and product testing I´m proud to present:

Garments for women, consisting of hand-painted-printed kaftans and kimonos. The ready-to-wear collection indicates a mix between ethno gear and old fashioned classics, which incorporate elements of both high fashion and streetwear. With multi-ethnic interests and research between continents, I´m interested in timeless and unique pieces. The flowing, elongated kaftans, traditionally worn by woman in North Africa or japanese kimonos, are mostly rendered in materials like silk or thin wool. The purity and simple aesthetic of forms mixed with flamboyant watercolored or acrylic painted prints are Gon´s signatures. The story I would like to tell is both classical and contemporary, the prints incorporates from japanese woodcut to african tribal art, cartoons, symbolism, pop culture et cetera.

The Production

My fabrics are printed all over Europe, for example in Germany, Italy and Great Britain. I started designing my own fabrics after it was impossible to order any beautiful fabrics in small quantities at the big fabric shows. So I decided to design my own surfaces. Every piece is manufactured in Europe using the finest natural materials like silk, cotton and cashmere. I have been working closely with my manufacturer over the past two years developing the moulds and process that we will follow in fulfilling our order commitments.The artisan quality and effort that goes into every garment is high standard and high quality. The craftsmen/women use classic and modern manufacturing techniques.

Artist Collaboration

The signature bright colored, playful, artisanal prints are hand-painted by Vienna-based artists. The watercolored or acrylic painted paintings are then digitized and printed onto natural fabrics like silk, cotton and wool. The customers are able to assemble a silhouette or piece with every print we offer in this or the previous seasons.

Your Help

Because Gon is a young company, we aren’t able to afford the minimum order quantities required to complete a full production run. We’ve spent the last three years developing collections and presentations, now I need your help. Gon would appreciate your help in order to distribute the label internationally. The funding goal covers the prototypes for the next collections and presenting Gon during Paris Fashion Week twice a year to secure retailers worldwide.

It would be greatly appreciated if you would:

  1. Fund our campaign (thank you!)
  2. Spread the word with friends and family.

Thank you for your time and incredible support!