What is harfe’s first CD?

Some time ago I was dreaming of just playing music on my instrument. My own music that tells stories from my life, my feelings, melodies coming from somewhere else to be played on my harp.

TODAY the time has come to make this dream reality and give the music to other people. I recorded the dreamy, light, personal work in a fullmoon night in Blumenstein and will burn it on a CD with the title «TO BE».

The music that came out is perfect listening while celebrating the moment, just beeing, painting, listening, chilling, sleeping, letting go, cooking, making massage, relaxing, meditating....

Why you should back this project

Till a CD is ready there are a lot of small and bigger steps. At present, the recordings are done and the music is ready to be pressed on a CD. I’m looking forward to have a really good professional made CD in my hands and for this step you can back my project.

Thanks for your support!