A surprise album – for both its listeners and creators

This album was not planned. It was born during a time of great uncertainty, and the first songs «just happened» during the spring of 2020, when live music went silent overnight and things got very quiet. After recording a few tracks, Moe Jaksch – who has been an invaluable collaborator, producer, musician and idea man along this journey – and I realized the potential of the songs and just kept going. Many songs go back to my roots on the West Coast of Ireland. Growing up in Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal, I never missed a folk festival, later I went on tour with my own rock band, Inuendo. You’ll hear the folk and rock roots in the songs, as well as some Country, Soul, Bluegrass, Gospel and other stuff I listened to over the years.


That extra element

My debut record Black Sheep was recorded in a short period of time in 2016. The lockdowns held little good for live music, but if anything, they meant time and space – not knowing when we’d perform to live audiences again, we were in no rush. We took the time to craft the arrangements carefully, and if we had time to spare, so did our contributors, like the amazing Ingrid Arthur who famously sang It’s Raining Men with the Weather Girls in the 1990s. You have probably seen her on Top of the Pops, and her amazing vocals on Northern Lights were exactly what I was looking for.


Where we are, what’s next and why we need your support

I have funded the album myself until now. At this point, I need your support to get it over the line and out there. We’re done recording, are currently mixing and will have to get the tracks mastered after that. The album artwork needs to be done, and then, finally, the mastered versions and art will be pressed and duplicated.

Your contributions will pay for mastering, artwork, CD pressing and duplication.