Our coral reefs are dying at an incomparable pace. And with them 25% of all animal species in the sea. We are rebuilding coral reefs with an exciting, scalable 3D-printed reef system.

CHF 70’184

116% of CHF 60’000

116 %
This is how it worksä

The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

453 backers

Successfully concluded on 18/12/2020


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We'll only have a chance to save coral reefs by getting creative, using our imagination and putting promising ideas into practice!

Unsere Erde ist einmalig!! Die Zerstörung dieses Planeten schmerzt mich, so versuche ich, immerhin das beizutragen, was realistisch ist. Ich lebe sehr umweltbewusst, aber mehr machen geht immer:) Wir brauchen Leute wie Sie, die anpacken, entsprechendes Wissen haben und unserem Planeten noch eine letzte Chance ermöglich. GROSSES DANKESCHÖN und viel Kraft und Zuversicht!

It's a really important issue to preserve our écosystems! Their project is awesome!

Gerne unterstützen wir den Mut und euren persönlichen Einsatz sich für unsere Meere einzusetzen.

Danke, dass ihr euch den den Schutz unseres Planeten einsetzt.
Euer Projekt zeigt wunderbar, dass Innovation und Technik nicht automatisch Ressourcen-Schröpfung und Schadstoffbelastung mit sich bringen.

Having done scuba diving and snorkeling in the Sulu Sea and off Sipidan, I consider coral reef conservation and restoration of extreme importance to the future of planet Earth. I wish in the future our visit to Raja Ampat (Missol) will give us confidence again in future of the ocean!



Good luck, awesome work!
Kenya for trial number two please ;)

Il faut des solutions, et on n'a rien sans rien! Bon courage!

we are custodiants of the abundance of our beautiful and unique planet - to step into our responsibility is a MUST

This is a great project, coral reefs are so important, thank you

Ein grossartiges Projekt!! Ich hoffe ihr bekommt den fehlenden Betrag noch zusammen, deücke die Daumen ✊🏽

Great job - good luck x

weil es wertvoll ist den Ozean mit dem Leben darin zu retten!

A wonderful project and such an important cause! Keep going!

We believe in the project. Simple as that.

Hoffentlich sehe ich bald wieder schöne, farbige Riffe voll mit Leben.

This world doesn’t belong to us, we just have the privilege of living here. We must take care of this privilege.

Weil das Tauchen ohne Fische und Korallen keinen spass macht

This is fantastic! I really hope you reach your goal!!!!!

Nature first!!! Leider ist vielen Leuten nicht klar, dass wir eine intakte Natur brauchen.

Go Ulli! Save the planet for us!

Grossartige Idee mit modernen Mitteln unsere Ernährungskette zu erhalten

Wunderbar, was ihr macht.

I witnessed the devastating state of the coral reefs in the Andaman Sea. Not only as a diver but as a human being and creature of this planet, the oceans matter to me. Great Job, keep it up!

All the CO2 absorbed by the oceans are causing acidification problem leading to coral bleaching and dying. Hence, we need all the possible tools imaginable to help to restore the corals and biodiversity. This is crucial for the ocean’s well-being. That’s why I joined this effort with donation.

Chère Sophie,
Merci beaucoup pour ce message de soutien et votre proposition! Nous serions ravies de faire votre connaissance, et prendre contact avec vous.
Est-il possible que vous nous envoyiez un email avec vos coordonnées sur : info@rrreefs.com ?
Bien à vous,
Marie & Ulrike

Parce que les récifs sont essentiels à notre survie, parce qu’ils sont en très grand danger et que ce projet est innovant et Suisse ! Force à vous et bravo !!! Si vous avez besoin d’aide , d'une experte en finance diplômée qui vous accompagne je suis à vos côtés !

I’m incredibly impressed by this project and can’t wait to see its progress. Thank you for doing this kind of work. Half-way there! Bonne courage!! You will make it!! xoxo

The sea is the cradle of our life. We really should help each other and take care to keep this «childrens room» of our planet alive and intact.

Happy to support this important project. If anyone has seen ’Chasing Coral’ on Netflix, you’ll understand why it’s important to save our reefs and provide new habitats for marine wildlife. Join in and support a great cause!

While coral reefs cover less than 1% of the Earth’s surface, they’re home to 25% of all marine fish species.

We like your project – this is why we’ve added it to our «We Fancy» category! For the next couple of days it will appear on the front page and also in the «Recommended» section. We’d say you can be proud of yourselves and tell everyone about it! Publish some news, make a tweet or write a post!

Dear supporters, thank you so much for your kind, passionate, enthusiastic words! You help us to keep going day by day and make the sun shine despite Zürich's autumn grayness.

An amazing project that deserves our support! No matter if it's from an environnmental, friendship, artistic or scientific perspective we need to give what we can to a greater cause!
All the best!

Mega Fan!
Unsere Umweltprobleme scheinen oft so riesig und auch ich verliere ab und zu die Hoffnung, aber Schritt für Schritt können wir sie angehen. Danke für euer Effort.

WOW!! such a wonderful and tremendous important project! i wish you the very best and much energy to keep going to bring live into the beautiful oceans! many thanks for your effort!

Well done

Thank you all for you encouraging comments.
@Ari, concerning your question about the reward «Build a reef with us», for 3000 CHF.
This reward will save you a spot in our upcoming workshop in San Andrés, Colombia. It will happen between mid-June and mid-July next year and run for 10 days. You can participate as a scuba diver or as a snorkeler. We are not diving deep, but good balance is required. We will post more on the News page as soon as we know more from our partners in Colombia. Of course, should we not be able to hold the workshop, you will get your pledge back. I hope that helps for now.
Warm regards,
Ulrike from rrreefs

Riffe sind die grössten von Lebewesen erschaffenen Bauwerke und bilden die Grundlage für äusserst komplexe Ökosysteme!

Dear Ari, thank you so much for your support!
You are asking about the reward «Build a reef with us».
This 3000 CHF reward will save you a spot on our reef-building workshop in San Andrés Island, Colombia. You will get lots of hands on experience and theory in coral restoration and actually build the pilot reef with us.
You can join as a snorkeler, but as a scuba diver, you will be able to do more actual reef building under water. You should have a good balance under water, and there is no need to be experienced with deep dives, as we will not go deep.
We cannot fix the exact dates yet, but the workshop is planned between mid-June and mid-July. In the unlikely case that we will not be able to host the workshop, you would of course get your pledge back.
We would love it if you joined us in building this reef!
Ulrike from rrreefs.

such a great Project, quick question is there a way to get a bit more information about the 3k pledge?

Thank you so much for your overwhelming support!!!
It means a lot to us.

Good luck on this crowdfunding and you know you have all my admiration and support. These future corals are in the best hands 🥰

My happy place…

Thank you so much for this truly amazing first day! Your support means a lot!

We live in such a delicate balance with nature and we need to contribute through our actions and innovation in an effort to reverse our harm on the fragile ecosystems of this beautiful planet. Great idea, more power to you and other such innovators.

Such a great project! Reefs are the hearth of oceans. Without them, no more life is possible under the sea. It’s great to see the latest technology helping oceans!

Excellent people; excellent project.

Great project!!

Super excited to see this come to life!! Thank you for investing so much time and energy into saving our planet!!! What would we do without people like you <3 <3 <3

Brilliant idea - thank you for putting so much love into our planet.

Das wird ein BAD ASS Korallenriff!

Die Bedeutung der Korallenriffe für das Ökosystem Erde wird von vielen unterschätzt. Korallen sind eben nicht nur ein nice-to-have für Taucher und Schnorchler. Sie spielen eine entscheidende Rolle für die Stabilität des gesamten marinen Lebens, für den Küstenschutz und nicht zuletzt als Kohlenstoffsenke. Es wird höchste Zeit gegen den Tod der Korallenriffe anzugehen, deshalb unterstütze ich die vielversprechende Kampagne von Ulrike und Marie.

Bravo à ce projet ambitieux qui permettra (il le faut) de sauver tout un écosystème !