We are looking for CHF50,000 to launch new exciting line of products: exclusively developed chocolates based on unique hemp-derived ingredients.

These high-end chocolates will be produced together with Jean-Marc Cartier one of top Swiss chocolates sommeliers. We are looking to develop unique and exquisite taste, which will reflect Hempfy’s current product philosophy and will be offered at this moment exclusively to our supporters.

Why participate? There are not so many great high-quality hemp based products on the market. Hempfy has great experience of producing some. Now we want to make something different and outstanding together with you! A mind-blowing top quality chocolate with hemp taste is something you’ve never experienced before!

Important note: We at Hempfy using only hemp products which are legal and safe to consume, which means we are looking mainly for a taste experience and not for any «funny» effects :-) We do safe, unique, lifestyle products, 100% Swiss made. All our products are absolutely safe and legal and contain less than 1% THC.

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Why Hempfy is special and exceptional, and has the best and most exciting product on the market...

Hempfy – means innovation. Taste innovation.Ingredient innovation. Lifestyle innovation.

Hempfy is a full cycle Swiss lifestyle product. Our main ingredient is fresh hemp grown by farmer in canton of Vaud. Based on this we are developing a set of innovative consumer products, which include beverages, coffee drinks, nutrition bars, etc.

Our technology of treating hemp is quite special, since we are basically using fresh hemp comparing to our competitors, which are using either dried one or flavour extracts. Our approach is based on safety and quality, that’s why we are partnering with the best experts in the industry to be able to manufacture really outstanding product.

Also Hempfy is a lifestyle company. Our typical customers are tired from branded soft drinks like Coca-Cola, Nestea, Schweppes, Red Bull and are looking for something more «artisanal» but also a bit edgy, which will help them be their true selves and stand out of the crowd. Hempfy is riding the mass trend of being different, while staying socially acceptable.

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What do we do now

At the moment our main product is a soft drink based on direct infusion of freshly frozen cannabis sativa plant. In effect it is a hemp tea, which is further expanded with fructose, natural flavors and carbonation.

Hempfy basic taste was developed by a renowned drinks technologist and has a complicated herbal pallet, which is perfect for drinking it straight, on the rocks or mixed with alcohol. Due to the usage of fructose instead of sugar, Hempfy drinks are healthier in comparison to other soft drinks on the market.

Hempfy lifestyle - is enjoying life in relaxing settings, discovering the true you via creative socialising, beauty comprehension and peaceful state of mind.

We love creativity, art, entrepreneurship, charity and active lifestyle. We are against stress, aggression and adrenalin rushes.

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