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HEUREKA around the world

HEUREKA was built from 1992-1996 by family «Schmutz» in their own garden in Bremgarten, Bern (Switzerland). Since back then the owner wanted to sail around the world. Unfortunately they never fullfilled their dream. Today we are the lucky owners of HEUREKA and we want to put the whole world in front of her as soon as possible. Even if she’s in good condition, some investments still need to be made until our lady is ready for the ocean. Follow our adventure on our blog!

A very important topic to us is the protection of the oceans. That’s why we want to donate 5% of the crowdfunding proceeds to OceanCare. And of course whenever possible contribute something and e.g. clean beaches from plastic.

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Built for the ocean but never been there yet.

The last ten years HEUREKA was based on lake Neuchâtel and had a lot of beautiful moments with family «Glanzmann». Now the time has come – HEUREKA was originally built for the ocean and we will take care that this happens soon! The dream of the builder to sail around the world, is also our big dream. «HEUREKA» (ancient Greek = «I found it») – two (or three) have found each other!

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With your help we can bring HEUREKA safe around the world.

With your support we are able to take the following investments.

• Various work to do on the boat (shatterproof windows, antifouling, refresh wood on the teak deck) • New sail • Navigation system • Life raft • Dinghy • Solar energy • Transport of the boat from Fribourg (Switzerland) to Antibes (France)

5% of the crowdfunding proceeds will be donated to OceanCare.

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