Artist book, «hit or miss» is a poetic picture book mirroring the world.

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what is it?

Everything (in it) is binding, connected and ends up being bafflingly un-linear. It is not as much about answers as it is about the connection of elements (images and words) that by themselves let new questions rise: where do things come from and why do they not appear in random combinations?
The thin line between banality and depth is uttered by the title «hit or miss», but describes the character of the work as a whole: is it possible to conclude from the micro to the macro? Is the micro represented in the macro? Will the carpet fly?


«hit or miss» will spread over 112 pages with 80 images (60 photographs) and allow a deeper understanding of my artistic practice of the past 10 years.I am proud to name the established publishing house KEHRER (Heidelberg) as publisher of this quite risky (hit or miss!) production.The production costs will amount to 14.000 € (100% printing costs and distribution) excluding my personal working time. 2.000 € are covered by funding. 2.000 € are paid from my own pocket. 10.000 € (or more) should be covered by this crowd funding.


This book os not a catalog listing my works. It is rather a circling around the essence of things, which as a whole give an image of the world. Often it is (supposedly) about contradictions: round edges, flying carpets, black/white, matt/glossy, front/back, reality/illusion. I see «hit or miss» as a manual of perception, including deception!