The Plot for the Serie

Mr Zumwoll is a pharmacist in a small and forgotten area in the heart of Westland which is called «Leberwurst City». We are in the eighties. The whole country is shaken by successive military occupations, which is not easy to bear for residents of the area, the city and even parts of Europe.

Mr Zumwoll and his assistant, Peter, help customers, mainly residents of the neighborhood with atypical symptoms and personalities, to feel better.

Most incredible is the way Mr Zumwoll, a brillant mind, with the help of his assistant is able to cheat his patients in order to sell them what he wants and turn everything to his advantage.

Throughout the series we’ll find out who the pharmacist really is.

Every new customer of the pharmacy will take us to a new adventure, full of surprises and absurdities, where situations can turn completely crazy. All depicted with a balanced and absolute delicious humor, of course !

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How are we going to produce our project?

More or less, each episode takes place in a pharmacy. We’ve decided on shooting in a studio, more precisely in «Blue Box» Studio (with green background).

In that way, we will be more at ease for the post-production, it will allow us to quickly change the background to match the story and add a level of fantasy which we care much for.

We’ve chosen to build a miniature set of a pharmacy (a model) and then integrate the characters (the actors) into the set. Thus, we are creating a contrast between reality and fantasy and the viewer will be immersed into a modern fairy tale.


Why did we chose wemakeit?

For this project, Hypochondria, I naturally turned to the wemakeit platform, which appeared to be an ideal partner for the producing of the pilot of our series. Thanks to the pilot, we will be able to present and argue our project in a complete form and pitch it better to future potential partners.

With the campagn for Hypochondria, our objective is also to seduce crowd funders and ensure their support throughout the entire process. It will allow us as well to evaluate the interest aroused by the series.