Adenomyosis is often described as the «evil sister» of Endometriosis – and vice versa. Two «hysterical» sisters, two personified illnesses. Loneliness, shame and lack of understanding shape the lives of many affected. We want to question stereotypes, end the stigma and break taboos. We don’t want to suffer in silence any longer. We want to visualise our pain in a creative context and raise awareness.

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A voice-over in the style of slam poetry guides us through the storyline. The personified evil sisters «Adeno» and «Endo» are our antagonists. The narrative leads us through individual testimonials from affected people from various gender identities. Each short story portrays their daily lives with the disease. The story ends with «Adeno» and «Endo» addressing the audience. The mid-credits provide brief information about the illnesses Adenomyosis and Endometriosis and possible forms of treatment. During the end-credits a photo-collage of sufferers from all over the world will be shown. Because our pain is global. It is invisible. It is real. It’s time we made it a health care priority.

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While Endometriosis fortunately receives increasing attention in the media, very few people know about the «other» chronic disease Adenomyosis. Even though most menstruating people «only» suffer from one of the diseases, there is a large number of people who are affected by both. Today’s society and modern medicine still neglect to provide appropriate support for those affected, due to the lack of a deeper understanding of these under-funded and under-researched illnesses. The aim of this project is to draw attention to both diseases in an artistic and poetic way and to show sufferers that they are not alone.

#Adenomyosis # Endometriosis #HystericalSisters

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