Let me introduce myself, my name is Vanessa, I am a mompreneur and mother of a 3 years old princess. Trying to buy on internet handmade creations to decorate her room, I realized that it was difficult to find creators in Switzerland. The project germinated and here is ialoo!

My wish is to create a community of craft and of handmade and also to promote and to value the Swiss know-how. Launched at the beginning of 2017, ialoo is a marketplace representing more than 75 creative entrepreneurs of any horizon. You will find there: fashion, accessories, jewels, decoration, stationery, cosmetics, gifts and delicacies. No more need to run craftmarkets, your basket will be delivered in few clicks to your door.

The subject of the childhood always had a particular echo for me and it was dear and close to my heart that this project supports a good cause. A part of profits is put back to a Swiss association making a commitment for the children’s cause. For 2017, ialoo is happy to sponsor « NOA Association Fun For All «.



It has been about 3 years since I work on this project and since I invested my small savings there. I arrive at the end of my investment today. Your support will allow me to continue to improve the performance and the services proposed by the site thanks to the expertise of my communication agency 8bitStudio.

Indeed, not being an IT specialist in the soul, I need their intervention as regards the development, the modifications and the improvements of ialoo. The platform exists and is functional. However, to continue to be attractive and to facilitate the navigation and the use for the buyers and the creators, I need to improve the management system of contents (WordPress software).

At this stage, I don’t have the means to develop my own site. I hope, thanks to your support, to improve little by little the system according to the users needs. To do so, it is necessary to add what we call «plugin» on the existing software theme. As for example:

  • Improve the delivery system
  • Facilitate the presentation of the creations
  • Add a module of auction which will serve to support the association which we sponsor
  • Etc.

And if we explode the little piggy and exceed the initial amount, I have some more projects to be realized to support the Swiss craft and make it known:

  • Translate the site into German, English and Italian to open on whole Switzerland
  • Buy promotional material to make known and promote the site in Switzerland during markets, exhibitions or presentations

All this in the same purpose: highlight the ambassadors of the Swiss craft and handmade and continue to make you discover the small nuggets which are close to you …

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And help me to support and to value the craft and the handmade in Switzerland. I need you to continue this a little bit crazy project and I count on you!

For that purpose, I concocted you nice surprises and am going to make you discover the Swiss craft with attractive counterparties. There are for all tastes, stationery for your words of love, gifts to enchant you or yummy things to be savoured, enjoy yourselves! Or make someone else happy!

And moreover, it is soon Christmas! Stay warm at your home and prepare your presents quietly. Your counterparties (except workshops) will be delivered on time to put the presents under the Christmas tree.

THANK YOU for believing in the adventure and for your support…


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