IN [her] SPACE is a performance that enters intimacy of the being. A seven hours solo just as an installation. A personal quest through dance, musicality, silences. A danced and dance body.

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Successfully concluded on 25/11/2015

Seven hours dance performance

  • Théâtre Les Halles à Sierre – de 17h à 24h
  • Samedi 26 septembre 2015
  • Samedi 14 novembre 2015
  • Samedi 20 février 2016
  • Samedi 16 avril 2016
  • Vendredi 10 juin 2016

  • Chorégraphie et interprétation: Christine D’Andrès
  • Composition et bande son: Roméo Bonvin


Théâtre Les Halles at Sierre. 17hrs-00hrs

  • Saturday 26th September 2015
  • Saturday 14th November 2015
  • Saturday 20th February 2016
  • Saturday 16th April 2016
  • Friday 10th June 2016

  • Choreography and performance: Christine D’Andrès
  • Composition and soundtrack: Roméo Bonvin

Why a seven hours solo?

When I came back to Switzerland after twelve years in the Indian Ocean, I deeply felt the need to create this solo. I was feeling very small in these so established norms, in this time perspective where rentability and productivity dominate. It was as if I had lost my time freedom.

In order to reconquer this feeling of freedom, I needed to explain softly, quietly, with no rush. I wanted my dance to be a permanent experience in which the progress was empathized rather than the target itself.

I wanted to enlarge my interior space and to find in me, in the course of hours, new energies, new potentialities.

I also wanted to offer the public that freedom of time. Spectators will be free to watch the performance in passing, to settle or have a drink, to stay for one minute or seven hours.


The performance is built as a poem, drawing its structures in the following gestural vocabulary:

  • a time of warming-up. It’s part of the daily of any dancer. It has been built for years, nourished by the meeting with other dancers, other choreographers. It’s a ritual that helps to provide an internal unity.
  • repertoire phrases. These movement phrases are as many memories, feelings, questioning, past life moments.
  • the day-to-day routine. To symbolize routine, I created 30 seconds of choreography for each day of the week. This 3 min 30 sec phrase will be repeated 40 times during the performance.
  • improvisations. They punctuate the solo in order not to let well-know get installed and to explore the time being.
  • a ritual. The one from the passage time between birth and life, and life and death.

Collaboration with other artists

I asked the composer Roméo Bonvin to create a seven hours soundtrack. A challenge he fully succeeded. Music is the skeleton of the performance, it provides me concrete marks all along this solo. Musics, sounds, voices playing with silence.

During these five scheduled shows at the TLH, I’ll go to meet the artists performing on the big stage (while I’m dancing in the theater’s foyer). There will maybe have a time of sharing with them, reading, conversation, musical improvisation.

Why do we count on your support?

  • the representations are free. Please, support us as you wish.
  • In September and November the performances will be very minimalist and performed with no lighting. Lighting will appear in the following, allowing us to perform in unusual locations in the foyer.
  • a visual documentation is to be recorded which will allow us to promote IN [her] SPACE and so doing, being able to perform it in other places.

What if the CHF 5000 amount is exceeded?

We should get IN [her] SPACE out of the theater and perform it in a gallery, a public garden, a museum…