In the Long Run We Are All Dead

by Axel Rüst


Cloudride wants to finish their new album «In the Long Run We Are All Dead». Help us make our dream come true!

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Successfully concluded on 26/10/2013

Cloudride needs your support!

It’s been a while since Cloudride released something. But now we are ready to launch our new album «In the Long Run We Are All Dead». First steps have been taken: the songs are recorded and mixed and the artwork is ready. However, we need your help to finish this project and make our dream come true!

What it’s about:

Since 2001 Cloudride has been standing in the musical landscape like a rock in the sea. No trendy hypocrisy, no hype, just pure sincerity. Axel Rüst’s powerful voice and his pensive and profound lyrics are in the center of Cloudride’s music. Over the years, their music has turned edgier, more creative and more independent.

Cloudride have found their own way somewhere between Indie, Postrock and Pop. They manage to mix sweet melancholy and wide soundscapes with hymnal and catchy refrains. Their lyrics are full of gloomy insights, and still they always contain a spark of hope.

Their new Album «In the Long Run We Are All Dead» (recorded with Philippe Laffer at Alterna Recording Studios) will be even more powerful than what they’ve done so far. The band retreated to their rehearsal room for two years to elaborate new songs which have been retained on the forth-coming album. Apart from their two single-releases in 2010 («Stand Still» and «Empty Sheets»), this new album will be the first release since «Vincent» in 2008.

The band has been able to finance the recordings with earnings from concerts and some additional personal money. But now we need your help to make our dream come true. We don’t have enough money for the pressing of the CD, video-clip, pictures, graphics, promotion (Coldkings) and mastering (Livingroomstudio). We have managed to put together an amazing team of people who believe in our dream and who are supporting us with special prices. In addition, we have also found a label (Plus Plus Records) to release our album on.

Support our project and be sure to enjoy the album before everyone else does or book the band for an acoustic show. Maybe Chrigl can help you hang up some lamps or you might want Philipp to explain to you how to fill out your tax declaration. Every band member is available with their own special goodie. Thank you for your help! And don’t forget to persue your own dreams: Because in the long run we are all dead.