On the road of the Blues

Pilot on mars, it’s a story of friendship between me, Pascal and Bastien. 8 years ago,we played together Joy Division in differents alternatif place in Genève. Today, we take the road with a new album (vinyle) called IN VAIN.

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Let’s go on a trip

This project, a desire to share something real with music. Every night, we meet in our basement Bastien and myself without knowing where we go. We’ll return to the roots of the blues. inspired by the art of life of the poets of the Beat Generation, we felt in your body and in our head a wave of re-creation.and from this moment , we decided to follow our own road. thinking to this famous texte on the road from Jack Kerouac.

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An encounter on the road

in this road movie musical, we take on board people that we love, as Robin Girod, composer and singer of the band of Mamarosin, and Duck Duck Grey Duck. Robin a sort of producer without money decide to follow us to realize the project IN VAIN. He’ll be with us during the recording and mixage of this album. we’ll sign with Cheptel Records, Robin’s label.

The real share, free, independent

Join to pilot on mars’s family, because, we believe in that spirit of creation. «we make it » is my point of vue the best place to be, to share ours dreams, ours ideas about world, the projects of everybody.


Bastien and myself, we pay the recording and mixage of the record. 4500$/ 7 days. Today we need the sum of CHF 4000 for mastering, visual creation of the cover and pressing. Those difference operations will do here in Genève. Mastering to Lad’s studio Caduceus, visuel done by Dunja Stanic Girod who organise the festival Rock this town.

A word for the end

At the end of the road, our gift, IN VAIN.