Index Artist-in-Residence Program

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The writers’ collective index offers artists from all disciplines a two-months residency in Zurich, and with your support they’ll be able to afford the stay.

CHF 6’047

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This is how it worksä

The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 24/1/2015

About Us:

Index is a Zurich-based writers’ collective who meet twice a month to discuss work, ideas, and projects. Additionally we organize events, including readings and live literary and artistic performances. And since 2010 we have been offering a rent-free space in Zurich to artists from abroad, allowing them the opportunity for a creative exchange with locals and locals the opportunity to discover these new talents. Because we believe in the importance of exchange and promoting new artistic voices, the members of index volunteer their time and energy to this program.

  • Zurich Solidarity von Piotr Jaros
    Zurich Solidarity von Piotr Jaros
  • Alice McCabe im Cabaret Voltaire
    Alice McCabe im Cabaret Voltaire
  • Emma Nilsson
    Emma Nilsson
  • Bart Hoevenaars
    Bart Hoevenaars

Artist-in-Residence Program

Our residents live and work for two months in the city center and participate in index events. They also have the chance to present their own work to the public through readings, exhibitions, and concerts.

More than 25 artists, writers, musicians, and curators from all over the world have already stayed in the modest, but pleasant attic space we provide for them in the city’s university district of Kreis 6. From the rooftop the artists have a view of the town, lake, and surrounding Alps—and all the artists agree: Zurich is beautiful.

They also agree that it’s nearly impossible to live in Zurich without an income, a fact that has forced some of the selected artists to cancel their stay in Zurich. To make the residency affordable for all our guests we need your support.

What You Can Make Possible

Your support will allow our artists in residence to receive a small stipend. CHF 6’000 would assure that the program could invite ten artists who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford a stay in Zürich. The stipend will allow the artists to afford food, public transportation, or just an occasional coffee in a bar. And it will also help them to buy the materials necessary to do their work here.

In short, thanks to your support the artists will feel welcome in Zurich and be able to take a creative and active part in the city’s life.