Who am I?

Born 32 years ago, from a Venezuelian father and a Swiss Italian mother, I lived my first years in Caracas. I now live in the Nyon area, which I love and which saw me evolve as a singer/songwriter.

I have been singing and performing on stage since my first concert at the «Chat Noir» when I was 16 and have never stopped since, being a chorist at first and now lead singer. I released my first album with «Sueno» – a group from Geneva. I then released my first solo album «Cathching Illusions» in 2009, which has «catched» a fair amount of success in the french speaking part of Switzerland and in France, with numerous broadcasts on various radio stations and on unforgettable concert at The Victoria Hall.

My project

After a short break, trips around the world and collaborations with amazing artists such as Stevans, DJ Lorenzo Digrasso, The Bridge, Coralma, Yorgos Benardos, I wrote no less than 60 demo songs, I naturally found my way back to the recording studio with the desire to share my music with you through a 6 track EP that I would like to release in spring 2017.

I wrote and composed all the songs with the contribution of other artists such as Jérémie Kisling, Kirsty Holschuh, Coralma, which are now being recorded at the Studio du Moulin (S-Productions) with my talented friend and musical partner Gerard Suter (RTS, Radio Paradiso).

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Why sponsor me?

Your support would not only be for me the opportunity to bring my project to an end, but also to release my album and to be able to perform live. Your support would directly contribute to help finance everyone who have already given me so much: musicians (Laurent Bernard from former band «Pierrot le Fou», Ivan De Luca, chorists (Alexandre Caporal, Kirsty Holschuh and many more), photographer (Nadir Mokdad), illustrator (Emma Wicht)…

But also to finance:

  • Physical albums (CD’s)
  • My website
  • Music videos
  • Travelling costs and other expenses (promotion, concerts, rehearsals etc…)
  • The possibility to pursue my dream :)

Why use wemakeit?

I have released my first album on my own. During my whole life I have met incredible people who supported me and helped me to achieve my dreams with their precious advice and kindness.

Today I would like to share this project with you while being able to count on your support and staying in touch by performing live sessions at your place or at my place while having dinner or to invite you to «Les concerts du Moulin» which will take place in 2017, offer you my new album, you can also come to our recording sessions, to contribute by singing with us or just to listen and enjoy being there, anything is possible :)!