Isabel Frey // debut album

by Isabel Frey


The debut album «Millenial Bundist» by the Viennese-Jewish protest singer Isabel Frey with Yiddish revolutionary and resistance songs.

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«Millenial Bundist»: Isabel Frey's debut album

My name is Isabel Frey and I am a Viennese-Jewish singer, who revives yiddish revolutionary and resistance songs and brings them into relation with current political themes. My debut album «Millenial Bundist» is a solo production in which I perform my favorite yiddish workers’ songs, as well as politically-interpreted folk songs. For most tracks I accompany myself on guitar, for others I am supported by other musicians. The album will be released as a CD in September 2020 by the German world music label CPL.

Performance at the Viennese «Thursday demonstration» in May 2019
Performance at the Viennese «Thursday demonstration» in May 2019

What is special about this project?

Yiddish is the historical language of Ashkenazi Jews in Eastern Europe. A large part of this culture was lost through oppression and displacement, and with it many songs too. As a diaspora Jew, this culture is very close to my heart. I am particularly fascinated by the songs of the Jewish proletariat and the yiddish-speaking labor union «the Bund». However, the aim of my music is not simply to revive a lost culture, but to create something new as well: a dynamic, revolutionary Jewish protest culture for the 21. century.

This is what I need backing for.

There are different costs coming together for the album production: recording, studio and production costs, artwork and graphics, a video-production and fees for the amazing musicians that supported me. In order to realize this production I am asking you for your support. I am grateful for all contributions, whether small or large, and thank you with «a hartsikn dank»!