40 years of NITS – 40 years of individual pop music from the Netherlands. We celebrate the band and their songs with cover versions: surprising, playful and simply beautiful ones.

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Die Nits – eine Band, die stets weiter gesucht hat – die ihre Musik stets weiter entwickelt hat. Ein englischer Journalist hat mal gesagt, wenn diese Band nicht «geographisch herausgefordert» wäre, wäre sie eine der grössten Bands aller Zeiten. Ganz unsere Meinung.

Andererseits wären die drei Holländer bestimmt nicht so charmant und eigenwillig geblieben, hätten sie das Hallenstadion bespielt statt des Volkshauses. Meinen wir.

Eine Popband wie es sie mal gab. Aber auch weit mehr. Hier ein Song aus neuerer Zeit.


Nits – a band that has contnuosly searched for new ways, whose music has always evolved. An English journalist has once said, that Nits would be one of the biggest bands in the world, were they not «geographically challenged». Our opinion entirely.

On the other hand, these three Dutch musicians wouldn’t have kept their musical charm and their waywardness, had they played big sports arenas instead of the smaller concert venues. Our opinion. They are a traditional pop band, but also much more. Here’s a more recent song.

The project ISNT

Beda Senn, Oli Hartung and Eric Facon want to celebrate the 40th birthday of the band with a tribute Album. With fine cover versions of these fine original songs. Our aim is to show these pieces from a great catalogue in a new light.

Here’s a song that will surely be covered. From a small festival curated by Beda, an event in an old hotel way up in the Swiss alps, this is the Nits in minimal Setting with Oli sitting in.

The musicians and singers

The following people will be recording songs by the Nits. Francoiz Breut and Marcel Kanche from France, Mikelangelo and Heidi Elva from Australia, Luka Bloom from Ireland, Värttinä from Finland, Shirley Grimes, Sarah Bowman and GusMacGregor, from Ireland, the USA and England respectively but living in Switzerland. Plus many artists from Switzerland such as Mich Gerber, Hank Shizzoe and Simon Ho who have worked with Nits in different projects.

The time table

We have started recording. Until February, everyone should have their contribution in. The finished album should be here by April. The Nits will be visiting Switzerland and will play birthday concerts with some of the People involved.

Help us

Contribute to our project, help us in any way that you can think of – it is a huge undertaking and the talent, the studios and the time need paying, so that the artists can present their interpretations in the best way possible. And so that you can enjoy a fabulous album in the end!