Thanks to the WWF project «Connexions naturelles», let’s create biological corridors together and give animals a chance to move between natural areas!

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Concluded on 20/8/2018

I hear the stoat, the redstart, the dragonfly...

Projet «Connexions naturelles WWF»

This WWF project aims to reconnect with farmers who wish to support nature in the Romandy. At present there is, indeed, a strong will to build biological corridors but financial and human resources are often lacking. Therefore, the WWF assists them at different levels. First, it offers initial expertise to establish functional connections between natural habitats and then, it provides financial support as well as volunteering forces on the field. The project «Connexions naturelles» builds a link between three distinct worlds: farmers, nature protectors and collectivities. Nowadays, it is only by acting together, that we can move forward!

A hazardous path

In Switzerland, about half of the natural areas are threatened and about 36 % of all known species are on the red list. Extension of the built surfaces, intensive farming as well as pollution represent only part of the strain put on biodiversity (i.e. all animal and plant species together with their living biotopes). The land fragmentation impacts populations’ fitness by isolating them from each other. Thus, the stoat, the common redstart or the dragonflies are disappearing from our countryside because ecosystems are unbalanced. To support their survival, well-connected areas that allow them to get food and find partners to reproduce are essential.

Let’s recreate natural habitats as alternatives to cultures in farming areas!

Your support will allow the creation of biological corridors in farming areas. These corridors will serve as shelter and offer food to insects’ eaters such as common redstarts or dragonflies, or to small carnivores such as stoats. A good management of the natural relationship between predator-prey can, indeed, boost the presence of these 3 precious «crops auxiliaries» and in the end, help to reduce the use of phytosanitary products. By insuring the survival of the stoat, the common redstart and the dragonflies, we will all be winners.

Our needs for the project

Your contributions will allow us to buy trees, bushes, nesting boxes, seeds for flowering meadows, as well as tools. Thanks to your help, biodiversity will progress. It is by acting together that things will move forward. Participate to this project and share it!