«The tragedy of humanity is that it does not learn from history,» regrets Jordi Savall.

We plan to translate and subtitle this film about Jordi Savall into seven languages ​​(foreign language versions: Chinese, Japanese, English, German, Spanish, Catalan, Italian).

The Catalan master whose subtle tones of the viola da gamba were revealed to the public in 1991 with the movie «All the Mornings of the World» by Alain Corneau, continues as he puts it himself, his «musical reflection on conflicts». Indeed, Jordi Savall wants to spread a message of peace with music from various periods, countries and traditions. He has always been open to non-Western cultures and ways of thinking. His work on ancient music has always been nourished by exchanges and interactions between the Middle and Far East and the Western world. Jordi Savall offers a panorama of music for peace, music of ancient and baroque repertoires, but also from the field of folk music, repertoires that are completed by Sephardic songs, and some instrumental pieces. He encourages us to reflect on peace taking its source in different cultural and religious traditions.

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