Jaante – Creative showroom


Zurich, Barcelona, and Dubai

Creative and innovative showroom concept showcasing emerging designers and connecting fashion brands with international buyers, boutiques, celebrities and editorial placements.


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Concluded on 21/5/2015

Creative & Innovative Showroom concept for B2B and B2C

My challenge was to create a new brand & showroom concept that could encompass two markets: the designers (B2B) and the consumers (B2C). For designers, the showroom represents an exclusive community of remarkable talent and for the consumers; it is a premium brand of fashion.

Creative & innovative showroom concept showcasing designers and connecting fashion brands with international buyers, boutiques, celebrities, and editorial placements increasing their sales.

Located in Switzerland, in the heart of Europe, great for brands, stylists and editorial pulls!

International pool of designers – The designers have the opportunity to presents its collection within a branded retail space.

What We Need & What You Get

Your contibution will go for:

  • Showroom/office space
  • Others: material, equipment and an office
  • IT development
  • Marketing
  • Personal

The crowdfunding campaign is divided in 3 phases:

  • First Phase: Seed Round

With this we can build creative functions of the online fashion platforms (E-showroom and E-store), materials for the showroom and a part-time job position for a programmers’ coordinator is covered.

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La campagne de crowdfunding se déroulera en trois phases.

Votre contibution sera utiliser pour:

  • Showroom
  • Autres: materiel and équipement
  • IT development
  • Marketing
  • Personal

  • Première phase: Seed ronde

Avec votre contribution financière, nous pouvons construire et développer des fonctions créatives sur nos plates-formes en ligne (Eshowroom et E-magasin) et créer un poste de travail à temps partiel pour le coordinateur IT.

Other Ways You Can Help

Do not feel bad if you can’t contribute financially. In return, we kindly ask you that you spread the word about JAANTE within your network. We encourage you to use social media, and word-of-mouth.

All Contributors will be rewarded and every donation gets mentioned on a special wall of honour which will be visible on the website and E-showroom.

The importance of your contributions is that you will be also helping the NOG organisation «REPONGAC» that assist and help development in Africa http://www.repongac.org

Autres façons de nous aider

Ne vous sentez pas mal si vous ne pouvez pas contribuer financièrement. En retour, nous vous demandons de bien vouloir parler de JAANTE au sein de votre réseau social.

Nous vous encourageons à utiliser les médias sociaux et le bouche-à-oreille.

Tout les contributions seront récompensées et chaque donation sera mentionnée sur un mur d’honneur qui sera visible sur le site Web et E-showroom.

L’importance de vos contributions est que vous serez en aidant l’organisation de NOG «REPONGAC» qui aident et le développement de l’aide en Afrique http://www.repongac.org