Who are we?

We are the Japanese Film Festival «GINMAKU-New Films from Japan», a brand new festival based in Zurich, Switzerland.

The festival will showcase new and upcoming Japanese films and filmmakers, presenting the Swiss community with cinematic impressions of contemporary Japan.

When is the festival?

November 6 – 8, 2014 at Kino Houdini

What does GINMAKU mean?

«GINMAKU» means «Film» in old Japanese, a title chosen out of reverence to the great pioneers of Japanese film. Without their passion, the Japanese film industry wouldn’t exist the way it does today.

What is our goal?

We aim to uncover new talent in the Japanese film industry through this festival, develop and grow together, and promote the cultural exchange between Switzerland and Japan.

What do we need money for?

It will go toward our Japanese guests for their expenses in Switzerland. We would like to make their stay in Switzerland nice and comfortable.

Film line-up – all purely made in Japan!

  • FORMA *
  • MY HOUSE *
  • The Frivolous *
  • BON LIN *
  • The End of the Special Time We Were Allowed *
  • The Tale of Princess Kaguya 


Special guests

  • Director of «MY HOUSE» Mr. Yukihiko TSUTSUMI
  • Director of «FORMA» Ms. Ayumi SAKAMOTO and actress Ms. Nagisa UMENO
  • Director of «The Frivolous» Mr. Toshimichi FUJIOKA and producer Mr. Tetsuya KINOUCHI 
  • Ambassador Ryuhei Maeda from the Japanese embassy in Switzerland

Directors will be present for question & answer session after screenings. For more details please check our schedule.

Thank you for your interest! LET’S MAKE IT....!