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Recognizing great business ideas and the man who inspired many of them

Although he is now retired, Mr. Jean Micol invested his heart and soul for over 20 years into building a program that would give business innovators and entrepreneurs the tools they’d need to succeed. EPFL and the alumni of the program he developed—the Executive MBA in Management of Technology (or, as we call it, the MoT)—have benefitted from the vision, knowledge, and leadership that he shared.

His focus has always been on the creation of new ventures. Every year, the MoT has featured a team-based «New Venture Project». The program participants develop business plans for innovative businesses and novel products and present them to a jury of industry professionals. Although this has primarily been an academic exercise, numerous projects over the years have gone on to be fully-founded businesses.

After Jean’s retirement, we’ve sought a fitting way to assure his living legacy in the program that he established and nurtured. We can think of no better way than that of permanently linking his name with that part of the program that he felt most rewarding: the New Venture Project.

The Jean Micol New Venture Project Award

The goal of this funding campaign is to establish a perpetual, self-sustaining fund that will provide for an annual prize recognizing the team that develops the best New Venture Project as decided by the jury of experts.

Every year, the winning team will have the names of its members along with the project name engraved on the award and will receive a cash prize of CHF 800 or 4% of the fund’s initial value, whichever is greater.

Please help us in perpetuating the spirit endowed in the program by Jean Micol himself!