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My new album...

… is a big thing for me, in which I invest a lot of love, time and energy. After my first album «Comfort Zone» it is now time for me to make something new. Right now, I’m writing lyrics and working with great talented people on new songs for the album. I have a vision in which direction it will go and I am very happy to present it to you. Too much I can not tell you yet, musically, I want to have live, pounding Roots Reggae Riddims and danceable tracks on it, I will express my thoughts, feelings and experiences. I’ve been busy in the last few months and have released a few tunes and collaborations, a remake of the classic «Shimmy Shimmy Ya» along with Mikey Board, a feature on Collie Herb’s album «Bamboo» («I Weiss») and a remix EP: «Max RubaDub meets Jo Elle». Now is the time again for me to start my own musical project.

All my current music and videos you can find on my webpage: www.jo-elle.ch

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The plan

As an independent artist, I do most of the work on the album by myself. First comes the creative work: composing songs, finding melodies and writing lyrics. Then we go to the studio, where we will play the instrumental tracks and sing the vocals. The musician and producer David Stauffacher from Zurich will accompany me on this musical journey until the album sounds as we imagined it. After that, we create the artwork and design for the CD cover, make new photos, film a video clip for the single release and then plan everything for the promotion phase. A big release party of course will be thrown. All this takes energy, time and of course it needs money. In order to cover the whole costs I will apply later next to «wemakeit» cultural support and sponsorship. For the start of the production I need urgent support – now you come into the game. I’m asking you to help contribute to my 5000CHF target by buying one of the many rewards here on «wemakeit», either as a gift for loved ones or perhaps a treat for yourself.

Be a part of it...

Each journey starts with the first step – for this we need a total of CHF 8’000, of which I can contribute CHF 3’000 myself, so still missing exactly CHF 5’000. You can help, invest in my album and secure an exclusive reward as a thank you. If we reach the «wemakeit» goal or even better, we will even be able to get started in just 30 days with David back in the studio. I’m ready!

The 5000CHF will not cover the whole project but it helps to even get started and start the creative process. Above you will find a budget breakdown, for what the money is needed. By the way – I will be constantly uploading videos and photos of our new journey, what we’re working on and where we are: here on Facebook and Instagram.

So let’s check out the rewards then…