(re)Discover local life!

Do you also feel that finding local activities:

  • is more like the «archaeological digging» of the internet,
  • takes far too much time, and
  • is generally too complicated?

And did you ever miss a local party, a concert, an expo or the last show you absolutely had to see?

Are you looking to:

  • find nice places around you,
  • spend time with your friends or meet others, just like you,
  • party, practice sport, and live other unforgettable experiences?

And are you also tired of all these ads and lack of clear and transparent information on the web?

We were in the exact same place as you and decided to change that by creating Jogoto. Jogoto is a unique and simple Swiss platform that brings together all the activities and events around you.

Our mission: «We connect you with local life wherever you are!»

With Jogoto you will be able to party, enjoy your life and live unforgettable experiences anywhere! And all this without being tracked by the Internet giants or being disturbed by invasive advertisements.

Events & Activities are all there in one place to simplify your life!

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Why our project is special?

Finding the perfect event or activity can now be done in a few simple clicks. On the web or on our mobile apps.

From nightlife to concerts, sports, workshops, kids and family activities or just going out between friends - we offer a wide range of options for whatever you fancy. From the sparkling cities to small villages that can be missed in the blink of an eye, the value of human connection is being transformed to a whole new level.

And as a bonus we are connected with many different tourism offices to receive the latest updates of all local activities.

Moral of the story is that Jogoto is gearing up to be the most reliable local connection platform, and we need your support.

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Why we need your backing

First of all to simplify your own life! Never miss a great opportunity to socialize again and do what you love.

Secondly, by participating you will benefit from an exclusive ’sneak peek’ into our mobile app, before it is promoted to the public!

And finally, by supporting us, you are supporting the local economy: festive, sport, cultural, associative events, you name it… so help us and be the actors of your local life! Creating and maintaining a functional app is expensive and the management of a top-notch technology requires manpower. To continue our development and ensure maintenance, we need you!

WITH: 10’000frs, we can finalize the current version of the platform 25’000frs, we can translate the app into German while ensuring the maintenance for one year 75,000frs, we can hire one part-time developer to ensure a seamless user experience

To sum it up, the perfect user-friendly experience requires your support. More funds = more events = more fun!