Toilet culture (a few words)

At JOSEPH’S we take care of the restroom. Even though people like to use it to rest, we believe the available products have rested too long. It’s time to change that!

MINDFUL OF THE SKIN AND THE ENVIRONMENT – we don’t need to explain that wet wiping is gentler and cleaner than dry rubbing. We wash our hands with water and soap and not with a piece of dry paper. This is why nearly every 2nd Swiss person uses pre-moistened wipes and is often not aware what it does to the skin and the environment. You need many chemicals for wet wipes not to dry out and also not mildew at room temperature which in turn cause irritations and allergies. An even bigger price is paid by the environment. The wipes contain synthetic fibers (plastic) and glue in order to be resistant while being wet.
We want to stop this waste and offer an alternative that is 100% natural and still allows the comfort of wet wiping.

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Where we need your help

The first JOSEPH’S collection is already available online and in pharmacies. But there is still 1 wish our customers have: spraying automatically with the ROBOT. Hold the paper underneath and pfff…it’s that easy.
The Robot already passed prototyping and is now ready for the first «mass» production. We need 200 orders to kick that off and would be delighted if YOU were part of it.

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What JOSEPH’S does differently – do it moist, but do it yourself!

  • Moist cleansing: the bottom wash removes impurities completely, faster and in a gentle way
  • Only good ingredients: no alcohol, no paraben, no perfume & no harsh chemicals needed to preserve pre-moistened wipes
  • Recommended by dermatologists: keeping the microbiological balance. Say goodbye to irritations
  • Mindful of the environment: 100% natural cellulose from responsible forestry without synthetics and binders. Dissolves completely in water just like toilet paper

The team

Sabrina and Alexander both come from the consumer goods industry. They founded JOSEPH’S to introduce innovation to the neglected category toilet hygiene meeting their idea of healthy, natural and eco-friendly. If you want to hear more, you can book the two – conversation at table is never dull with those two :)