Quality swimwear made from recycled fabrics (Econyl®). Designed in Switzerland and hand sewn in Portugal. We need your help to produce our new collection!

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Julienne Swimwear was launched in 2019. The goal? To fill the demand by offering ethical, responsible swimwear that flatters every woman’s body type. The brand combines quality materials designed from recycled fabrics, as well as original and unique prints.

For 2 years now, the brand has been proud to sublimate every woman’s body, to gather a large community of «Jul’s» and to respect the planet.

In November 2021, the brand’s torch was taken up by two friends, Julie and Noémie, who have been sharing passions and beautiful adventures for more than 10 years, notably that of swimwear. Today, we have started the creation of the new swimwear collection. New colors, new prints, new sizes that better fit all bodies. A new chapter is opening, with the Jul’s community in the spotlight.

  • Motif SS22 Animal
    Motif SS22 Animal
  • Motif SS22 Floral
    Motif SS22 Floral
  • Prototypes de la collection SS22
    Prototypes de la collection SS22



All of our swimwear is made from Econyl®, a regenerated nylon fabric. It is made from ocean and landfill waste. This includes industrial plastic, fishing nets, fabric scraps and old carpet. Econyl® is a recycled and 100% recyclable material.


The fabrics come from Italy and the production is made in Portugal, guaranteeing regulated labor, strict environmental standards, and 100% traceability. We minimize our carbon footprint as much as possible.


We create swimwear designs that enhance every woman’s body type. It is essential that every woman can find the shape that will make her feel good and look her best. We offer sizes from XS to XL and a wide range of colors to suit every taste. Our prints are unique and created especially for our models. This way, you’re sure not to see the same print this year at the beach!


We took over Julienne in 2021 and to keep this adventure going, we need you to finance our new 2022 collection! We need to reach a sum of CHF 15’000 for :

The purchase of our raw materials Design and production costs Administrative and logistic costs Marketing and communication costs for our launch

We have been working on this project for several months and your contribution is invaluable and necessary in order to offer you a new collection that meets your expectations!

Thank you again for your involvement and contribution!