Independence from centralized social media.
On July 7 open your new Mastodon, Friendica or GNU social account.
Say hello to freedom, privacy and federation.


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Concluded on 25/6/2018

This is what it's all about.

Centralized social media such as Facebook or Twitter put too much power in the hands of few people. This power can be misused to censor minority groups, to manipulate the public opinion and even to influence political elections.

Ethical alternatives exist, but most people lack the knowledge or the motivation for changing habits. In addition most of their friends are locked in mainstream platforms, so that making a change becomes more difficult (network effect). This requires a synchronized action, an Independence Day, where as many people as possible move together to the new media.

This day is JULY 7, and you can help us to spread the voice.

Decentralization moreover is not just about freedom and power. It is also about discovering a more friendly and more inclusive way of staying together. It is about accessing unfiltered information and creating new friends and communities. It does not matter on which server you and your friends have an account. Thanks to open standards and protocols, the federation has already become a reality.

If the video below makes you angry and sick, then our campaign is for you.

Our project is special because ...

For the free-and-open-source community you are a person, not a product. Decentralized social media therefore does not monetize selling your data, and it cannot afford expensive publicity such as Facebook does.

Did you ever hear about Mastodon, Friendica, Quitter or GNU social before? Probably not - this is why it’s time to make a change and finance a public campaign!

This is what we need backing for.

With this project we will finance a publicity campaign for the «Independence Day» in the public transportation of the three major Swiss cities, Zürich, Geneva and Basel during the first week of July.