Does nature conservation appeal to you? Are you interested in what positive non-profit organizations do? Or are you interested in travel and ecotourism? Then this is a project for you.

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The call of nature

This project is about highlighting organizations active in nature conservation and ecotourism, an invitation to take care of the environment and move towards eco-action, through video reports and publications on social networks.

It’s also about showing the commitment of women with inspiring stories, and embarking myself on the adventure of realizing my dreams and doing what motivates me, for the good of all! :-)

  • In interview mode
    In interview mode
  • Sound recording
    Sound recording

Hopeful news!

I’m starting in Indonesia, where on the one hand biodiversity is immense, and on the other the challenges of preserving it are just as great, along with economic and tourism development.

The aim is to relay the hopeful stories of non-profit organizations active there - with interviews and images that illustrate their activities and their environment.

Because I’m convinced that spreading good news about nature conservation can motivate people to take positive action to protect the environment and biodiversity.

The video reports will be published on Just for You and Nature’s YouTube channel and initially relayed on Instagram.

In close-up mode
In close-up mode

Why support me?

Does my motivation speaks to you? Your support will serve first and foremost to encourage me in the realization of the project, which is huge! And then to finance the following items:

  • photo/video equipment: hybrid camera, lenses, filters, extra batteries, telescopic camera tripod, stabilizer handle, waterproof camera for underwater filming, waterproof case with holding handle

  • sound equipment: directional microphone, tape recorder, lapel microphone

  • lighting equipment: auxiliary light, light tripod, diving light

  • transport equipment: travel bags, camera bag

  • computer and electronic equipment

  • software: image processing, video editing, visual creation

  • promotion of content on social networks

  • participation in organizations’ activities to present them

  • costs related to activities to capture images of the terrestrial and underwater environment

  • micro photo/video courses

  • accommodation, food

  • visas