Video song (2nd half): «Parallels» – Kamikaze β EP

What is it about?

In 2010, we formed a band called Kamikaze. «Kamikaze» comes from the Japanese word meaning «Godly Wind». We can't say that we relate to the sadly notorious suicide missions of Japanese pilots in World War II, but we definitely have something to do with powerful winds. 

So first thing, in 2011 we stormed into a studio to record a first album – without really knowing what to expect. It soon turned into a mälström of noise, pure rock'n'roll attitude and emotional songwriting!

We played many live shows across Switzerland and have been selected to participate in the Swiss Jazz Diagonales and the ZKB Jazzpreis. On stage, we discovered that there was great alchemy between the four of us. The public was so enthusiastic too that by the end of the tour we decided to record a new album. Here's the rest of the story: in the summer of 2013, we took all our instruments, drove to a house high up in the mountains and recorded 4 new tracks. Perhaps we came close enough to godly winds... at any rate, this was a magical experience. The songs came out beautifully. We had a great time and so began making plans for the future. 

But by the time we'd all come back home, we realized we needed some cash to send Kamikaze whirling up in the sky. So here's what we are thinking: We need CHF 5340 to finance of Kamikaze's new EP entitled β.

What if everyone we knew and who cared about us would co-finance Kamikaze's β EP? We could cover the cost of: CD and VINYL production, EP artwork and videoclip.

The Tokyo Data Collective, a Berlin based collective of Swiss artists, will be in charge of the artistic production of the CD, which includes the artwork of the CD, the shooting of the band pictures, shooting of a videoclip for our single and the actual production of the CD. 

Every single contribution will be rewarded, so that you're not donating, but investing your money. You'll be actually part of our project. Every contribution will make a difference – so what do you think? Do you feel this money would be well spent? We certainly do. We've set a minimum contribution to CHF 10 but feel free to invest more, you'll also get a bigger reward in return :)

CHF 5340 for Kamikaze's next album – We make stunning music. With your support we can bring it out there!