Kapnorth goes Iceland

Iceland. That magical place we want you to feel, when you're listening to our debut album. That's why we will record it there – 3 years of hard work come to a beginning.

A music project by kapnorth, Lucerne and Iceland.

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Hey music lover!

Kapnorth is David, Elia, Jonas and Marius. We play music. What type? Hard to tell. From fast to slow, hard to soft, gloomy to cheerful – just honest and with a lot of blood, sweat and tears. Check it out on www.kapnorth.com. Off we go on July 15th! – all the way to Iceland to record our debut album. We’ve spent so many hours preparing this adventure:

  • music first: The 3 rehearsals a week during 3 years count up to 700 working hours!
  • add about 40 concerts
  • and again over a hundred hours for the remaining planning (artwork, sponsoring, travel, ...).

As you can see we did a lot of work already. And we haven’t finished yet. The total costs are 25'000 € including studio, flight, accommodation, artwork and CD reproduction.

Of the CHF 5'500 sponsoring we expected the economic crisis has cut off CHF 5'000. What to do now? More than ever before we count on your support! One way or another we are paying for the bigger part ourselves – this is how it goes and it’s worth it.

You have our everlasting gratitude for every kind of support.

Cu at the album release, kapnorth

Album production

We will fly to Iceland to record our debut album within four weeks. With this record we want to spread our new, sophisticated and touching music among all the very fans of music. After three years of intense rehearsals, musical and emotional tensions, a style was born which you can roughly classify. There will be virgin land to discover in greater depth of the album.

All of the 13 planned songs shall enfold themselves individually. The tracks connect and differ on multiple levels – the sound, the lyrics and last but not least the artwork. Our main influences are rock, jazz, electronic and classical music.

Project Status

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About the Initiators


kapnorth. Wir sind eine Artrockband aus Luzern. Durchschnittsalter 22 Jahre. Unser Leben ist Musik.

"Kalt ist bei kapnorth höchstens der Name. Nach zahlreichen Konzerten in und um Luzern zogen sich die fünf Mannen aus Dierikon zurück, um an ihrem kühl-groovenden Indie-Art-Prog-Rock (Schublade anyone?) weiter zu tüfteln. Nun aber sind sie wieder da und so viel sei versprochen: Mit der Kraft des Nordwind werden die Konzergänger weggeblasen, sobald kapnorth beginnen, Keyboard, Synthie, Bass, Gitarren und Sticks zu bearbeiten. Freut euch auf faszinierende Gesangschöre, grosse Soundwände und Grooves der Extraklasse. Man munkelt zudem, dass eine Reise zu Sigur Rós geplant ist…" Treibhaus Luzern