Our goal is to reduce the menstrual insecurity of 1,500 girls in rural areas of the Iringa region of Tanzania through the production and donation of reusable sanitary pads.

CHF 12’211

122% of CHF 10’000

122 %
This is how it worksä

The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 4/6/2022

What is KaribuPads ?

In Tanzania, most girls in rural areas cannot afford to buy sanitary protection, which has a considerable impact on their daily lives (education, health). In order to improve this situation, we have two objectives:

  1. To reduce the menstrual insecurity of young girls by producing and offering them free reusable cloth sanitary pads, while raising awareness about sexual hygiene and the menstrual cycle.

  2. To train 14 girls in sewing and basic entrepreneurship so that they can create their own income-generating activity.

How will this happen ?

  1. 14 girls will participate in a 3-week training course to learn how to make reusable sanitary towels, the basics of entrepreneurship and will be sensitised on sexual hygiene and menstruation.
  2. They will produce at least 7,500 washable and reusable cotton pads over a period of several years which we will distribute to 1,500 girls in rural areas of the Iringa region, in partnership with the NGO RDO (Rural Development Organization).
  3. 6 of the 14 girls trained will have the chance to work in one of the RDO centres and earn their own income by helping the communities. The other 8 girls be able to create their own source of income.

Why should I contribute ?

By contributing to the project, you help us produce enough sanitary pads for 1,500 girls, and even more if we exceed our target!

You also help pay for the training of the 14 girls and give them the keys to be financially independent.

And they thank you!