Who am I?

I am a Kenyan artist living in Switzerland since 14 years. This year i have been invited to exhibit my art work, which consists of six sculptures at the Kenyan pavilion, during the art olympics, Biennale 2015. Apart from sculptures I also produce documentary films and my film «Not Swiss Made» won among other prices the Video Art and Performance category at the Arte Laguna in Venice, in March 2014. I am also currently a student at the University in Lugano, studying Intercultural Communication.


What do my sculptures depict?

My sculptures which will be displayed at the Biennale, consist of six Voodoo sculptures are mainly made out of African fabric and Baobarb wood (known also for it’s medicinal uses in African). I choose the theme «Voodoo» to reflect the significant of ones roots to their current individual identity. The contrast between to my African ethnical roots and my Swiss ethnolinguistic assimilations combine to demonstrate the emergence of a world cultural identity.

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Why do i need your support?

Although difficult I have been able to finance the major part of my art work (raw materials from Kenya) by myself without any support from the Kenyan or Swiss governments, or organizations. Unfortunately, my finances have reached their limit and that is why I need your help. I still need to finish the sculptures, make sure they can sustain the six months at the pavilion and transport them to the Biennale and back.

Why is this project important to me?

As a Disapora Kenyan artist, I am humbled to represent Kenya at the Biennale, the art olympics. Despite the financial difficulties I am determined to keep the door to Biennale open, (or in this case slightly ajar) to the Kenyan artists by participating in the Biennale on behalf of Kenya. One can only open a door when they are standing in front of it.

Why is this project important to Kenya?

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