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Thanks to the joint efforts of representatives of the i-diaspora, Kladanj diaspora, Kladanj Municipality, and the Ministry of Education and Science of Tuzla Canton, director of the institution Dalida Salihović, but also other empathetic people - you, a few days ago the central heating in «Edina Čamdžić Kindergarten» in Kladanj was finally set up into a fully operational function.

This was one of the burning problems that this institution was facing, and at the same time, it called into question the comfort of the children’s stay in the one and only Kladanj kindergarten in the recent winter days.

But this investment was not cheap at all. In order to buy a furnace and reconstruct the central heating in this pre-fabricated kindergarten, it was necessary to invest about 20,000 KM (10,000 €). Although the majority of financial resources were provided, for the complete reconstruction of heating, and in general the possible functioning and operation of the kindergarten, about 5,000 KM (2,500 €) were missing and therefore needed.

At that moment, a strong attitude and desire to help her local community was taken by a member of our organization, Dalida Karabdić, who worked very decisively with the i-diaspora and the director of the institution. Realizing the essence of the problem, but above all sympathizing with the children, the representatives of the i-diaspora borrowed € 2,500 and, in a heartbeat and without a second thought, paid the needed sum of money for the reconstruction of the heating. Aware of the winter in Kladanj, this struggle has become our daily, so our wholehearted help was not even for the moment in question.

But still, in order to repay the loan, we launched a crowdfunding campaign on

Thanks to your solidarity, the i-platform managed to raise borrowed money and thus repay the debt and we are very grateful to all of you.

So, thank you once again and please visit us, if you are somewhere around Kladanj!

Your i-platform team


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