What do we want?

Partial reconstruction of kindergarten in Kladanj, Bosnia and Herzegovina before winter so we can have adequate heating to provide warm space for our children!


Who are we?

My name is Dalida Salihovic. I am currently in the position of director of a kindergarten «Edina Čamdžić», which is also the only kindergarten in a small municipality called Kladanj. Our Founder is the Municipality of Kladanj, which finances us with 55,000 KM (appx 30.000 CHF) per year, and whose monthly tranche in the amount of 4,583 KM (appx 2.500 CHF) cannot cover the gross salary of 4 employees working in the kindergarten.

We currently have 34 children divided into 3 groups. Our participants are children aged one to six years, and school children from first to third grade of primary school. The monthly number of children is variable, but in the last 5 years that number has not exceeded 35 children in one month, while during the year about 55 children enroll in our Institution.

Although a small Institution, with a small number of children and a small number of employees, we encounter major problems. Our current big problem is central heating in the building.

More precisely, at the beginning of last winter we encountered big problems when heating our premises and somehow we managed to survive the winter, but this year our biggest and only priority is to solve the heating of the building. In order to solve our problem completely, we must provide part of the funds for the purchase of furnaces for central heating and for the reconstruction of heating. And these are funds in the amount of approximately 5,000.00 KM (appx 2.800 CHF).


Why is it so necessary for us to solve this?

There are many reasons, and the most important of all is the health of our children who stay in kindergarten, which means that children must stay in warm rooms. Kladanj is a mountainous place with strong and long winters and we must not wait for this winter with poor heating or some other solution for heating the room.

In addition to this, due to the situation caused by the coronavirus, our children must be strictly divided into groups and must not be assembled, especially school children, with preschool children, so that in order to keep this number of children and this number of educational groups, we must have adequate heating of the entire facility, ie all classrooms and ancillary rooms.

And finally, solving our problem of heating the room as soon as possible, (because winter is just around the corner), would help us solve many other problems that heating entails.

Children would be much warmer and more comfortable in kindergarten, the humidity (meme) in the facility would decrease, and in the end most importantly (apart from the health of children and employees of course) they would keep the current number of children, and maybe increase the number of children.

Unfortunately, Kladanj is one of the underdeveloped municipalities in our canton. Our children lack most of the things in comparison to children in other municipalities and cities. Kindergarten is the only bright spot that remains and I think we are obliged to provide those children with at least normal living conditions in kindergarten, and one of them is warm rooms. In such difficult conditions, it is difficult for us to fight alone, so any kind of help would come in handy.

All funds above our goal will be used for further development of kindergarten to ensure better conditions for our children.

We send you a lot of warm greetings from pupils and employees of the kindergarten from our beautiful Kladanj!